Ethnofiction and the Work of Jean Rouch

Ethnofiction and the Work of Jean Rouch.

This is an article about the meaning of ‘Ethnofiction’ which was introduced by Jean Rouch. The idea that all films contain some elements of ethnofiction is something that appeals to me in the making of my film. The idea is that a story is made up within the moment using actors or scripts to create an ethnofiction film. In my film I have not gone as far as to use actors or scripts, however the improvisation that is used in ethnofiction is a feature that I feel is used in my film a lot. This is presented in the way that I have chosen to do informal interviews, where participants are required on demand to improvise and create an answer to my question. Throughout the the informal interview process I did not come up with many questions to ask participants, this was so that the filming could be owned by the participant to highlight their improvisation and to let them do the talking. 

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